Monday, August 16, 2010


A day of rest..or repose..more than that a day of slumber..that was yesterday for me..a leisurely pace in everything, being crowned in the realm of recline,unwinding the seconds with a slackened smile..getting into the household work one by one but with a letting go hurry no caution of time, no warning stares from the wall clock..and being cozy on my bed unwinding my memories of the week passed.
MONDAY ..a promising week has born..with promises of many things..of a remarkable success for my quest of knowledge began a fortnight back, of a memorable trip to my hometown, of the fantastic moods of festivity with my dear and near ones,and the beginning of a new academic year sans sighs and moans but with lots and lots of cherish able this week a synonym for QUEST ?..a Quest for Happiness.. Quest for Identity, Quest for Recognition, Quest for Reunion,Quest for Tranquility of mind what not?Let me traverse through the path of this week with an explorative mood as that of one who is trying to quench his thirst of a QUEST

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A morning walk getting infused by the sweet scented jasmine flowers, being enticed by the holy chants from the temple,.pacing in a deliberately accelerated speed .. as per the supposed convention for morning walkers but at the same time enjoying the" be at ease" mood of a sojourner. the streets were in their slumber mood still..yawning, stretching hesitantly,fresh like a new bloom decked with dew drops ,not been brushed by the sun rays yet.. bullocks ruminating on the sideway nodded at me..did they say something to me? 'Look at us..persevering from morn to dawn ,toiling hard to the utmost ,savouring this time of leisure joyously though we know that today is also going to be another strenuous day "..'', go stealthily..our master is in the realm of his not disturb him..", didn"t they whispered so? the pavement was still holding the memories of the unexpected visitor of last night..A QUICK SHOWER..orchestrated everyone with a lullaby of pitter patter..felt like to walk for a long time..but inner voice called forth ..COME ON..BE READYTO MARCH IN THIS DAY..

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Another Monday...? back to my files and notes basking in the glory of a lavish,leisurely Sunday. ..or is there a sense of contentment in me flourishing? only 360 minutes to merge in the pleasing hurriedness of the new born week..seminars,assignments, test and to top it all the call of duties as the queen of my home..MY HOME..? EUPHONY..thats how she is endearingly sobriqated by us..a lovely dwelling of melody and cool breeze 24x7..yes ..there lingers the melody of love,tiny tiny expectations and our squabbles over silly nothings followed by the great patch ups with a sweet tune..a perfect sample for a euphonic atmos which heralds euphoria..perching on the spacious balcony , spreading my wings of fancies..sipping the aromatic EARL OF GREY from my porcelain cup..oh..if there is a heaven on earth it is here at the tranquility of a lovely home...
let me cap my stylus here..

sunday afternoon ,,another sunny noon with sunny expectations, sunny anticipations of enjoying a cool walk in the eve with my recollections of the week passed without any turbulations..A SIESTA..? Oh are craning their necks out from the brim edge of me..come ..come out dear words..the cheaffeurs of my pented feelings..get drenched in the showers of my vibrations..the ME ..MY thoughts..
A week with the seven pretty days passed so soon. new friends, new realms of knowledge. new avenues open with new promises..and the mind at it ease with the proclamation that a fruitful vacation