Sunday, August 8, 2010


Another Monday...? back to my files and notes basking in the glory of a lavish,leisurely Sunday. ..or is there a sense of contentment in me flourishing? only 360 minutes to merge in the pleasing hurriedness of the new born week..seminars,assignments, test and to top it all the call of duties as the queen of my home..MY HOME..? EUPHONY..thats how she is endearingly sobriqated by us..a lovely dwelling of melody and cool breeze 24x7..yes ..there lingers the melody of love,tiny tiny expectations and our squabbles over silly nothings followed by the great patch ups with a sweet tune..a perfect sample for a euphonic atmos which heralds euphoria..perching on the spacious balcony , spreading my wings of fancies..sipping the aromatic EARL OF GREY from my porcelain cup..oh..if there is a heaven on earth it is here at the tranquility of a lovely home...
let me cap my stylus here..

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