Monday, August 16, 2010


A day of rest..or repose..more than that a day of slumber..that was yesterday for me..a leisurely pace in everything, being crowned in the realm of recline,unwinding the seconds with a slackened smile..getting into the household work one by one but with a letting go hurry no caution of time, no warning stares from the wall clock..and being cozy on my bed unwinding my memories of the week passed.
MONDAY ..a promising week has born..with promises of many things..of a remarkable success for my quest of knowledge began a fortnight back, of a memorable trip to my hometown, of the fantastic moods of festivity with my dear and near ones,and the beginning of a new academic year sans sighs and moans but with lots and lots of cherish able this week a synonym for QUEST ?..a Quest for Happiness.. Quest for Identity, Quest for Recognition, Quest for Reunion,Quest for Tranquility of mind what not?Let me traverse through the path of this week with an explorative mood as that of one who is trying to quench his thirst of a QUEST

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